Food Services



Weekly Meal Planning

Rates starting at£150/week

If you are looking to get more organised with your weekly meal prep but you are too busy, contact us for freshly prepared personalised meals.

Available to London residents only.

Honeydew smoothie.

Honeydew smoothie.

Dessert in a glass.

Dessert in a glass.


Cooking Classes (Private or Group)

Rates starting at £100/person

Take your cooking  skills to the next level with our  hands on workshops.

Available for children and adults.

Come, explore ,bake, cook, eat and be thankful.

Create unforgettable memories /experience as you learn and expand your palate.

Event Catering

Rates starting at £500

Homemade and freshly baked delicious sweet treats available for corporate lunches and meetings, weddings,birthday celebrations, christenings, university events and more.

Whatever the  occasion we have got you covered. All our products are freshly cooked or baked with quality organic ingredients.

Chia cupcakes with buttercream icing.

Chia cupcakes with buttercream icing.


We live to eat, we eat to live, make eating an adventure.

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